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In Your Room – That Home Away from Home

You have just checked in, and now you are ready to settle into your home away from home. Even though it is not your real home, no matter where you travel, your room should be special to you and for you. Treat things as you would at home not only for your stay, but for guests around you, and also for future guests who will use your room. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1.       The thermostat  in your room is usually set at a reasonable temperature for the season. We know that everyone feels cold and heat differently, so it is not a problem if you adjust things a bit up or down or even turn the unit off if that is what you prefer. However, in the summer, it does no good to push the thermostat to a very low level. The room will not cool any faster, and often times the system will freeze up completely meaning you will have no cooling until the unit can be repaired.  That’s no fun for you or for us!

2.       The allure of the sounds and smells of the ocean are very enticing and we don’t blame you for wanting to keep doors and windows open to take it all in, especially a gentle summer breeze. But please do not run the A/C at the same time you have the doors and windows open. This is a terrible waste of energy and again, causes excess wear on the heating and cooling unit.

3.       You have neighbors. They are either above or below you, and on one or both sides of you. Everyone comes to the beach for a different reason, but for most people it’s for relaxation. When it includes celebration, please remember that we do have a quiet time of 10 p.m. and we ask you to recognize that as a courtesy. Also, even children’s footfalls can be loud at times so if you have little ones and you are on the top floor, encourage them to run on the beach! Inside and outside voices apply to vacations too.

4.       Everyone loves our rocking chairs. Every room has two chairs located just outside the door on the porch. Everyone wants the chairs to be there when they arrive. So, if you “borrow” a chair during your stay from a vacant room, we ask that you return it. And please don’t borrow chairs from rooms that are occupied or take the rockers onto the beach.

5.       There are several rental firms operating in Buxton, Hatteras and Avon that can provide you with everything from additional beach chairs to kayaks and more. Just ask at the office for information if you would like to rent something to enhance your time at the beach.

6.       We do have wifi but it can be a bit iffy at times – that is part of the joy of life on a sandbar!  We don’t mind at all if you come over to the office area where the signal might be a bit better.

7.       If you break something, and we know that accidents do happen, please let us know right away so that we can fix it. That way, the next guest won’t go into a room where something is not quite right because we didn’t know about it. The same goes for letting us know when something isn’t working properly. We will work diligently to make it right for you.

8.       All of our rooms are non-smoking. If you smoke on the porch or the beach, please keep your cigarette butts in some sort of container to dispose of properly. Butts are litter too!

9.       Read our guest information sheet and make sure we have answered all your questions. Then relax and enjoy your OBX holiday!

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USA Today Travel 10 Best - Cape Hatteras

USA Today’s Readers Choose Cape Hatteras In “10 Best East Coast Beaches”

From Maine all the way down to Florida, America’s eastern shores are home to a diverse collection of beautiful beaches perfect for your next summer vacation. A panel of Beach and East Coast Local Experts were chosen based on their extensive beach knowledge and experience to pick their top 20 Atlantic and Gulf beaches.  Of these 20 nominations, 10Best readers voted online for their very favorites.

From the list of nominations, Ocracoke Island Beach ranked #3 and Cape Hatteras ranked #6. Not a bad showing for the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

Read more.

Checking In - Cape Hatteras Motel

Checking In

Probably nothing sets a positive tone for your vacation more than an easy, welcoming check-in process. There’s no question that your hosts bear a significant amount of that responsibility. But there are some important things you can do as the guest to make it all work out smoothly and efficiently.

1.       Please be sure you are checking in to the correct property. As strange as this may sound, it happens more than you might imagine. In many beach and resort areas properties have similar sounding names. Double check your confirmation letter. Print out a copy and have it with you so that if there’s a question about where you are staying, you will have the information right in front of you.

2.       Know when check-in time is and try to understand that sometimes a room can be ready for an early arrival and sometimes it can’t. Our check-in time is 3:00. At Cape Hatteras Motel we try to work with early arrivals as much as possible. If the room you are checking into was not rented the night before, then you usually can go right in. If it was rented, we can try to work with our housekeeping staff to push it up on the cleaning list.  In the busy season when we are constantly turning over a large number of rooms, it may not be possible to get you in until check-in time. However, you can always park in the lot, head to the beach, use the pool, or grab a bite to eat next door while you wait.

3.       Let us know, if you can, if you will be a late check-in (after business hours which vary from season to season). When you arrive you will find a packet on the office door with information on your room, directions to your room, and any other information you may need at that time. Your door will be unlocked and the keys will be inside your room. There will also be an emergency number if for some reason you have any problems. We ask that you come by the office as soon as possible the following morning to let us know you have arrived, and so that you can fill out the check-in forms.

4.       Please try to listen to any information provided by the desk clerk during the check-in process. While everyone is excited to get into their room and attention spans may wane after a long drive, often important information that is time-sensitive may be shared during check-in. Similarly take a moment when you get into your room to read the helpful information sheet provided. We have tried to anticipate most questions our guests have and provide you details which will make your stay even more enjoyable. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to come back and ask us.

5.       If there is anything wrong with your room, let us know right away. Some things are very easy fixes (i.e. something forgotten during housekeeping, a light bulb burns out, etc.) Other issues may require more attention. If you let us know right away we can make arrangements to get it fixed, we can assign you to another room, or make some other adjustment.  By you letting us know, not only can we make things right for you, but we can also insure that the room is right for future check-ins.

6.       Breathe deeply and let your hard-earned vacation begin!

US News #1 Family Beach Vacations - Cape Hatteras Motel

US News & World Report Names OBX America’s #1 Family Beach

Taking your family to the beach creates beautiful lifetime memories … that is, as long as every member of your family remains HAPPY! The that end, U.S. News & World Report considered universally important factors like:


1- Safe Waters

2- Kid-Friendly Attractions

3- Dining Options

4- Spacious Accommodations

5- Multi-Generational Appeal

6- Overall Accessibility


The Outer Banks of North Carolina tops the list of Best Family Beach Vacations in the USA, according to travel experts plus U.S. News & World Report readers. The NC barrier islands were lauded for their “consistent-yet-manageable waves and verdant landscape. And you can count on OBX to deliver great summer weather”.

Know before you go - Cape Hatteras Motel

KNOW Before You GO!

You save up all year for your vacation. It is important that you stay in an area and at a motel that both meets both your needs and your expectations. In today’s world, there are hundreds if not thousands of resources you can review to learn more about travel destinations. It’s a great idea to take some time to pick several and look them over before you make the decision on where you’d like to go.


Take the following into consideration:


1.       If you have actually been to the area, driving by or driving near but didn’t stay, and you’d like to spend a bit more time there, you have a point of reference. In this case, you know a bit about the area and have at least a little first-hand experience of what it looks like and what’s available. You may have gotten a feel for the “vibe” of the area. You would probably know if it’s the right place for you and your family.


2.       Talk to friends who have been to the area and possibly stayed where you want to stay. They will be open and honest with you. You can ask questions and get feedback. Ask them what they enjoyed and what fell short of their expectations. If it all matches, you’ve likely found a good vacation spot for you.


3.       Look at the motel’s website and then speak to the innkeepers personally with your observations and questions. Here at the Cape Hatteras Motel we enjoy these conversations, getting to know potential guests and what they are looking for in a vacation destination. We try to be open and honest as we don’t want disappointed visitors to our motel or to the Outer Banks in general.


4.       Review travel sites. Look for the average in responses and try not to be swayed by the overly negative. Everyone encounters a bad experience from time to time. Sometimes it is because the guest didn’t do the homework and expectations fell short. Sometimes it is because the accommodation had a bad day as well. It happens at the very best of resorts. By looking at a wide variety of comments on a few review sites you will get a more well-rounded picture.


5.       Also look at maps, GPS, or other locators to avoid surprises while traveling. For example, many people who visit Cape Hatteras are surprised by the distance from Whalebone Junction to the Buxton/Frisco/Hatteras area. Google Earth is a great way to really see beforehand what you will see when you’re on the road.


Adventure is all part of the vacation experience, and things will not always go 100% according to plan. But with a little preparation and a relaxed “I’m on vacation now” mindset, you can enjoy your holidays immensely and make sure your money is well-spent.  We look forward to seeing you soon at Cape Hatteras Motel!



Cape Hatteras Hotel Special

Winter Wanderland – Cape Hatteras Motel Special NOW EXPIRED

Cape Hatteras Hotel SpecialBook two nights with our Winter Wanderland* Package, get your third night FREE … this offer expired Mar 15, 2016

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The Outer Banks in winter is truly unique! It’s quieter. It’s calmer. It’s a bit wilder. There’s more room for romance and adventure. Wander along empty beaches in the company of only your footprints, migrating birds and dolphin pods celebrating the season offshore. Winter sunrises and sunsets light up the skies with vibrant colors generating more “oohs and aahs.” You can wander through the island’s villages and learn more about their unique characteristics. Wander around Pea Island and enjoy what nature serves up this time of year during the migratory peak. It truly is a wanderland that gives you Hatteras through new eyes. Take advantage of this Special Offer and begin planning your Winter Wanderland stay with Cape Hatteras Motel today.

*Terms & Conditions: Offer expires March 15, 2016. This offer is not to be combined with any other offer and is good on new reservations only. Deposit is required at time of booking. PROMO code only revealed when liking this page. If booking more than 3 nights, please call.

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Island Art Shows 2015

Shows host over 20 LOCAL Outer Banks Artists and their wares. Each Island Art Show is a Benefit for a different Local Cause: from the OBX SPCA to the Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Civic Association and more. Admission to these shows is FREE — we ask attendees to simply support our local artisans & crafters. Attendees can find everything from fine local art and prints to woodworks, photography, upcycled art, collage, handmade hula hoops, handmade soaps and body products plus more. Live local music and lunch will be available at each Island Art Show as well as Raffle tickets for one lucky winner to win a basket full of local arts and crafts donated by our participants. There will be event pages posted on their Facebook page … please feel free to LIKE their page and “join” the events to stay updated.

See more details on the Official Outer Banks Events Calendar.