Surfline Webcam - Cape Hatteras Motel

Surfline Webcam Comes To Cape Hatteras Motel

It sure is a chilly, rainy Friday for the launch of the new Surfline webcam at Cape Hatteras Motel, but at least now you can go to our website right from the comfort of your own home … maybe with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea … on a sunny day, or any other day you choose, for a LIVE look at current weather conditions … right out in front of our motel!

Plan ahead safely and responsibly for your next Outer Banks oceanfront vacation or just check on our current weather conditions out of curiosity by visiting our home pagethen just scroll down and you’ll see the webcam on the right sidebar.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this cool new feature at Cape Hatteras Motel. As Surfline’s trademark slogan reminds, “Know Before You Go”. ©2017 Surfline/Wavetrak, Inc.
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